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Learn how to utilize demoshake to help you build demos and showcase new features internally and externally


Build end to end demos, connect them in the flow and share inside or outside an organization

In this guide, we will explain all the steps needed to get your demos ready for your prospects. It doesn't take long and return on investment will be huge.

  1. Steps

Browser extension

Install the browser extension

As simple as navigating to the store and pinning the extension in your toolbar.

  1. Navigate to Chrome store

    We are located in public directory of extensions. It's easy to find us.

  2. Install extension

    Press 'Add to Chrome' button.

  3. Pin the extension

    Add extension to toolbar in your browser.

Capture your demos

Capture demos using the extension

Open the application URL, press record, click wherever you want, do whatever you want. Then press stop and save your demo.

  1. Navigate to desired URL

    This is probably going to be the URL of your application.

  2. Click on demoshake icon

    After extension window opens, start press record button

  3. Do whatever you want to do

    Navigate somewhere else, click, expand, type. Whatever is needed.

  4. Click demoshake icon again

    Stop recording and save it in your demos


Edit & personalize captured demo

By this time, your demo will be fully functional and various screens will be automatically connected. Now it's time to edit parts of it that don't like and insert personalization tokens.

  1. Edit tour steps

    We've captured your clicks and generated a generic tour. You will need to write important notes.

  2. Edit any unwanted text

    This might be a broken number, terrible logo or anything else you don't like

  3. Insert personalization

    You will want to insert personalization token where your app shows 'Hello, John', so your guests can see their name there!


Invite guests

Once invited, guests will see personalized demos.

Start building your demos today