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Say goodbye to hours of painstaking demo preparation. Our intuitive platform simplifies the process, allowing you to create captivating demos in a fraction of the time. Once demo of your feature is ready, share it, or embed.

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Live presentations

Build you presentation, include your demos and invite your guests to follow it. You'll never want to screenshare again.


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With our platform, you can instantly distribute your engaging app demo far and wide by sharing a single URL or embedding it seamlessly across various online platforms, making it accessible to your target audience with ease.

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Impress your prospect and business partners by personalized touch in your demos. Add their name wherever you want.

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Use cases

Whether for live presentations, educational purposes, or marketing efforts, demoshake adapts to multiple use cases, making it an essential tool for any business looking to showcase their products effectively.

As a sales person
With our platform, sales teams can build personalized demos tailored to the specific needs and interests of each prospect, showcasing the product in the best possible light. By integrating demos with personalization features in your demoshake live presentation, each prospect will see a personalized demo in real-time.
As a product manager
Product managers can utilize demoshake to effectively showcase new product features both internally and externally. Internally, demoshake enables product managers to create detailed, interactive presentations that demonstrate the latest updates and functionalities to cross-functional teams, ensuring everyone from sales to support is well-versed in the product's capabilities. Externally, demoshake allows product managers to craft engaging demos for clients, highlighting new features in a way that is easy to understand and visually appealing.
As a customer support
By creating interactive, step-by-step demos and tutorials, support teams can provide clients with visual guides that simplify complex processes and explain product features clearly. These demos can be embedded in help documentation, shared through support tickets, or included in onboarding materials to ensure clients have easy access to the information they need.



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